Check out “Terminal Alterator”, a new microvid/ loop/ audiovisual collab w/ pxlwrx

The extended Instagram version can be found here

Video tagged as: microvideo loop vine instagram collab pxlwrx martsman

pxlwrx and I started collaborating on a series of Vine loops/ mini music videos - first off: a track named ZigZag.

(An extended version of the video - minus the loop - can be found on pxlwrx’s Instagram stream)

Video tagged as: collab music video pxlwrx martsman vine loop

Martsman - Antique Antic

Video tagged as: martsman

I started posting a series of loop based tracks up on Vine. Check them out here.

Video tagged as: loop beats tracks vine

Can’t believe this is 14 years old already.

Video tagged as: moving_fusion bad_company 4_days remix

In a genre still ruled by formula, these tracks are as startling as a slap to the face.

Quote tagged as: review alphacut abstract_elements remix

It’s Monday - time for some Friday. #Capone #Dillinja

Video tagged as: capone dillinja friday

Martsman - Lingo Jingo

Video tagged as: martsman

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